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CM 800-1600


The main beds are manufactured in high grade steel. After processing the beds are stress tree annealed at a temperature of 650°C (1202°F) and then surface treated . Two separate automatic air vents guarantee optimum heatimg up of beds and one condensate trap at each bed guarantees continuous drain .

Intermediate bridges

The intermediate bridges are made of the same high-quality steel as the beds and are heated completely uniformly by means of special steam chambers.

Roller support arms

Each roll is equipped with a roller arm at the exhausst side ( thectfcm 1300 is fitted with roller arms on both sides ) At the drive side the horizontally installed worm gear box operates also in the same way as the function of the roll .

Electrical panel

All important operations can be controlled from this point. The control panel is fitted with an on/off switch, an ammeter to measure power consumpion, controls and setting of the roller speed. The rollers are raised and lowered by means of a rotary swich, the extraction blower and the separate ventilator for the drive motor start up when the machine is switched on.

Display panel

Steam pressure and temperature can be read at a remote display. Every roller has its own separte gauge for the exhaust temperature. Faults that might occur are displayed by means of pilor lamps.

Rollers and paddings

The roller consists of an exactly cylindrically turned tube with welded stiffening rings. The surface of the roller plate has diagonally arranged perforations for suction exhaust. Each roller is fitted with a separate suction fan unit. All types of padding can be used on our rollers. The controls for the ironer are housed in free-standing switch panel with connecting cable for 2 m.


The compact design of the iro allows an extremely high effectiv insulation. The beds are insulated with rock wool and synthetic cladding is glued

Exhaust economy system (ecs)

Humidity and temperature are registered and transferred to the ECS control device. This information is used to control the exhaust volume of the fans and ensures that no energy is unnecessarily exhausted.

Compact ironer tfcm 1200

This machine is a further development of our well proved HM ironer. A specaial feature is the newly developed individual drive system for each roll as well as improved feed area, the extremely solid beds and the high efficient insulation. The ironer runs extremely quiet.The progression can be adjusted electronically and remains completely constant down to the last millimetre as any slipping caused by V-belts will be eliminated.Transmission takes place by means of a 4-stage spur gear system with a reduction of i=211:1. Particulary the low energy consumption during operation is the special advantage-up to 50%. The power is transferred from the motor to the gear system without loss. Brushless servomotors are used which are completely maintenance free.
Technical data
Width Roller width+ 1230 mm

tfcm 800

empty space 1 roller 2 rollers 3 rollers 4 rollers
Length inci.Motor 2130 mm 3110 mm 4190 mm 5270 mm
Height 1560 mm 1560 mm 1560 mm 1560 mm
Speed 0-12 m/min 0-28 m/min 0-32 m/min 0-40 m/min

tfcm 1000

empty space 1 roller 2 rollers 3 rollers 4 rollers
Length inci.Motor 2330 mm 3610 mm 4890 mm 6170 mm
Height 1660 mm 1660 mm 1660 mm 1660 mm
Speed 0-15 m/min 0-32 m/min 0-35 m/min 0-45 m/min

tfcm 1200

empty space 1 roller 2 rollers 3 rollers 4 rollers
Length inci.Motor 1980 mm 3560 mm 5140 mm 6720 mm
Height 1830 mm 1830 mm 1830 mm 1830 mm
Speed 0-20 m/min 0-40 m/min 0-45 m/min 0-55 m/min

tfcm 1600

empty space 1 roller 2 rollers 3 rollers 4 rollers
Length inci.Motor 2880 mm 4760 mm 6640 mm 8520 mm
Height 2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm 2100 mm
Speed 0-25 m/min 0-45 m/min 0-50 m/min 0-65 m/min