Laundry Machines
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     Transferon is a German company with production units based In Thailand and India. Transferon, with its high technology, designs, develops, manufactures and installs sophisticated Laundry industries completed systems since for over 40 years industrial laundries worldwide.

   The main products are Tunnel washing machines 36 up to 100 lts dryer, complete ironer with roll diameter of 600 up to 1600 mm, Diameter and roll widths up to 4000 mm tumble from 36 up to 200 kg with TRW Oil and gas heating, transport systems, hydraulic dewatering presses from 36 up to 100 kg TRW and washer extractors from 30, 60, 90 kg TRW.

    Our target groups are private and public laundries, Transferon was delivered in more than 40 countries worldwide.

     As an independent strong business, we think and act in the long term, at Transferon we offer our customers a long term commitment to helping their business improve profitability and efficiency today and into the future.